Design your establishment

Tables screen allows to intuitively and easily display all the
open tabs in your restaurant.

Gain comfort and agility thanks to the graphic tables

Print subtotals, switch tables or split the receipt easily with
just one click

Self Service Kiosk

Get the attention of your customers,

Link POS with Kiosk. It is a multilingual e-menu that allows to save printing costs of your daily menu. Your clients can view the menu interactively with photos, items description, ingredients information, allergens, calories and


Create and customize combos and menus

Select items and define which days will be
on the menu.

Add items from your database without
creating new ones.

Orders Management in Kitchen

Configure different printers and manage
orders in the most efficient way.

Connect POS with our kitchen screens and you will be able to control the orders statuses
in real time.

Business real time information

Browse your business information from any location and device with a single click thanks to KPIs, tables, cubes and graphs. With Analytics you can compile, analyze and transform information for strategic decision
making in real time.

Streamline sales and improve customer service

Take orders in less time. Increase tables rotation and optimize the service with the portable devices sending orders instantly to the printers or kitchen screens. Streamline the sale collecting sales directly from the tables by card.