Hairdresser and Beauty center

Manage your schedule

Manage and view the appointments that you will receive in an easy, intuitive and quick way. You will be able to assign services to a hairdresser at a specific hour or day for a determinate employee with the necessary time to carry out that service.

With HIOPOS you will be able to view the calendar by daily range and by employee. You can assign the same appointment to different employees depending on the services that have been selected.

Organize your employees schedule

Assign different schedules and shifts to your employees for manage your future appointments viewing their workday by an easy way.

In addition, with HIOPOS you will be able to configure the working and non-working days of the establishment, as well as holidays and employee exceptions, so they will be shown in the calendar.

Create and manage your packs

Create and customize the packs that your center offers in order to avoid having to check the services and the duration of them at each appointment.

With HIOPOS you will be able to select which services make up the pack and which days of the week are available. Add
the services of your database without having to create them again.

Assign appointments and manage your client’s history

Set clients to an appointment in a quickly and agile way and it will be able to visualize from the calendar to whom corresponds that appointment and also the duration of it.

With POS you could access to the client’s history to see the previous services as well as what products has been bought and also

Appointment confirmation

Send the appointment confirmation by email, automatically, to a customer who has scheduled a service. You can also check the information of the establishment, access to the location from Google Maps and synchronize the appointment with Google Calendar or with the calendar of your Smartphone.